General Tao Chicken & Vegetable Rice

General Tao Chicken with Vegetable Rice

General Tao Chicken with Vegetable Rice

Spice up your day with this classic Chinese-American dish! Tender chunks of chicken are breaded and sautéed in a sweet and sour sauce with a hint of ginger and served with vegetable rice garnished with soybeans. Skip the restaurant tonight!


3 x 300g



Heating Instructions

2 min. in the microwave oven


Quebec, Maritimes


Rice with vegetables [Water, Parboiled rice, Carrots, Edamame (young soya beans), Red peppers, Salt] Sauce [Water, Sugar, Soy sauce (water, wheat, soy beans, salt, alcohol, vinegar, lactic acid, bacterial and yeast culture), Rice vinegar, Red peppers, Mashed ginger, Modified corn starch, Sesame oil, Canola oil, Garlic, Green onions, Spices] Seasoned fried chicken [Chicken breast, Water, canola, Whole eggs, Corn syrup solids, Modified rice starch, Enriched wheat flour, Modified corn starch, Salt] Contains: Sesame, Eggs, Soy, Wheat. May contain: Peanuts.