Easy General Tao Chicken Tacos

Here is a little tacos twist using our complete General Tao Chicken meal. This General Tao Chicken Tacos recipe is loaded with fresh ingredients and is incredibly easy to make. Give it a try!



1 ½ cup Fleury Michon’s General Tao Chicken

1 cup Fleury Michon’s Vegetable Rice

1 sliced bell pepper (colour of your choice)

Half a lime

1-2 sliced avocado

1 tbsp. olive oil

Corn tortillas


Instructions :

1. Reheat General Tao chicken and vegetable rice according to package instructions.

2. In a pan, heat the corn tortillas in olive oil, then place then in serving plates.

3. Add rice, chicken and bell peppers on the tortillas. Top with avocado and lime juice.

Easy General Tao Chicken Tacos