Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Bacon & Parmesan

Complement your meal with this delicious roasted Brussels Sprout with bacon and Parmesan recipe. Even your kids will love it!

Goat Cheese and Beets Bruschetta

The harvest season has begun, and the gardens are full of fresh beets! Here’s a quick and delicious goat cheese and beet recipe for all the tapas fans out there. Enjoy!

Salmon Tartare

Do you know what’s refreshing during the summer heat? A no-cook recipe. Try our salmon tartare recipe as a starter or a full meal. Don’t forget to use the freshest salmon you can find to make it. Play with the spiciness of the tartare if you like it spicy!

Mac & Cheese

Who doesn’t like a creamy mac & cheese? Nobody. That’s why our chefs came up with the creamiest and easiest macaroni and cheese recipe. All you need to make this mac & cheese is 20 minutes and a cheesy craving.