Our convictions

Our convictions

Fleury Michon constantly strives to provide the best possible products, foods that are healthy and accessible to all. Our mission of “helping you to eat better every day” is guided by the following 5 principles:


Cooking with excellent products

Fleury Michon believes that the end product is only as good as the quality of the components with which you begin. For this reason, all our products are based on quality ingredients specifically selected to offer you healthy and tasty dishes.

For example: all our products are preservative free.


Rethinking the food model

We prioritize quality, nutritional balance, and food safety in order to offer the best possible dishes.

For example: we foster local suppliers. 


Working together

Fleury Michon strongly believes that change can only happen through collective action and that it is therefore essential to involve all participants—from grower to consumer.

For example: Your comments are very important to us and allow us to offer products adapted to your tastes.


Reassessing continuously

We must constantly reassess our innovation strategies in order to find ever-better solutions and offer you the best possible products.

For example: Fleury Michon was the first company to have signed two Mélior charters of commitment.


Ensuring transparency

We consider transparency to be essential—it rhymes with trustworthy and we value your trust. Fleury Michon believes that by openly and simply presenting our business activities to you, together we will effect meaningful change.

For example: Because all our recipes are listed on our website, you can identify the ingredients and prepare the meals at home.